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BKS CAM BALCON is not following the innovations in the world, it is leading the innovations.

Our Company BKS Folding Glass Systems San. Tic. Ltd was established in 2004 in Ostim Organize Industry in Ankara. Our field of activity is the folding glass systems industry. increasing with over 350 plastic injection and extrusion die and nearly 100 more than 750 kinds of products, semi-finished products industry with over 3,000 designs in glass balcony, product manufacturing, the vendor provides materials and services arm.

BKS Folding Glass Systems, which is the pioneer in the production of a large number of current products used in the glass balcony system, is renewing its continuous infrastructure with AR-GE studies at the same time. In addition, since 2007, we have been offering online drawing program, which is the first in the industry, to be used not only for our customers but also for everyone interested in this business.


Every day our more than 20 years experience in the sector, adding a little more to offer our customers world-class products and excellent service, we know our basic mission. Our aim in all these 20 years is to develop the sector rather than to develop our company. We have tried to provide all kinds of services that will increase the quality in the sector, from educating the sector personnel to product design and production. From the day it was completed, the online drawing program, which has been made available to everyone working in the Aluminum Sector, including not only BKS Dealers but also competitors, is a product of BKS’s corporate mission to ensure the most accurate production in the sector.


As BKS, we have determined that our main goal is to produce every product that comes from our factory with world standards, quality, and guaranteed production. This starting with this vision of Turkey around our dealers and the world’s 62 countries to our customers the most seamless of the aluminum industry, the most studied and strive with all our strength the more research and development efforts to provide their products made.

100,000 happy customers 15 years of experience, more than 200 dealers and more than 60 countries.

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