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Bks Accordion System

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Various products are used between the wings to provide insulation on the glass balconies. However, the most important problem of the existing products was that they prevented the elegance of the glass balcony by obstructing the view from the moment the glass balkon was worn, changed color over time and caused image pollution or could not provide a good insulation. The magnet roving product has been produced after years of extensive R & D work and extensive laboratory testing to finish the image contamination on the glass balconies with a slim design and ensure good insulation. Because standard strip magnets are broken in outside weather conditions and lose their flexibility, magnet seals are produced with a special raw material and can maintain their first renewal on the balkond for 10 years without deterioration. 3M tapes that adhere to the glass Magnet Turkey Industrial Tapes and Adhesives feature for many years were obtained from the department is able to protect itself from any deterioration. In order to fill the gap between the two glasses, the magnet seal, which is designed in different thicknesses, adds a more beautiful image to the glass balkon with its design that does not extend outside the glasses. It can be applied to all balconies in flat, angular and angled and gives a nice view to all the balconies applied. Thick, medium and thick seal is available in 3 different thicknesses. The bonding of sealsto cama can be done easily and smoothly with the developed special attachment device. The magnet seal will start a new era on the balconies with the aesthetic image that glass balkons give to the insulation while contributing to the high aspect.

BKS Katlanabilir Cam Balkon Sistemleri

4 seasons

BKS Glass balcony systems are not only windy; snow, dust, heat change, rain in short, 4 seasons with continuous protection is resistant to all the harsh conditions.


Quality comes with experience. We are not only experienced in the sector but also proud of being the leading company that establishes the sector to our beautiful country.


Just protect your home, not your balcony. Your eyes will no longer be in the back, you will not doubt the safety of your home.

System Information

Technicial Specifications

System: BKS Accordion System

Glass type: 10 mm.

Profile color: Pres, Eloksal and other RAL.

Accessory color: Chrome plated.

Glass wick: Magnet, Transparent, Aluminum.

Max. wing width: 1300 mm.

Max. panel height: 4000 mm.

Max. number of wings: 16.

General features

The glass balcony has become a big influence in making our balconies, which become part of our everyday lives and spend most of our time especially in the summer season, safer and more convenient.

Why BKS Glass Balcony Systems?

• There is no loss of landscape and image.

• Increase the value of your real estate.

• It is suitable for development legislation.

• Architecturally impressive.

• From the outside, there is no change in the structure of the building.

• The floor does not give the owners a legal trouble.

• Your balcony provides you with 4 season benefits throughout the year.

• Protect from external factors such as rain, snow, wind.

• Provides thermal and sound insulation.

• Your balcony provides you with more and more long-term benefits year round.

• It is suitable for all kinds of balkons.

• The system consists of 6, 8 or 10 mm tempered glass according to height.

• Cleaning and maintenance is easy and practical.

• Different levels can be turned on and off as often as desired.

• Tempered glass is flexible and durable.

• Tempered tempered glass is used. This provides maximum protection against theft events.

• In the case of breaking glass with extraordinary effects, small pieces are separated and do not harm the environment and living things.

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