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BKS Moving System with/without threshold

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Moving system can be used for dividing places indoor and outdoor, is suitable for 8 and 10 mm glass.BKS Moving systems with/ without threshold use the same upper profiles. Only lower frame profile and base profile with following accessories are varied.There is no limit in the number of glass panels.Every type of curtain can be used due to the opening direction of glass panels.System carries the glass panels from the bottom.Special-design caps help slide each other when opening and closing.BKS Moving System prevents glass panels from being removed due to the special lockable wheel design.it is very important point that the profiles and accessories should be original BKS product.

Sliding systems are used for creating an esthetical view in the cafe, restaurant, and bar. It has become widespread in a short time.Balcony glazing systems are used for creating an esthetical view in the shopping centers, hotels, shops, bakeries and gardens of houses.The system moves the glass panels by the bottom frame profile. Profile with threshold and without threshold may be preferred.Restrictions in place, unwanted image and the loss of areas were eliminated. It offers a comfortable and modern environment. It provides protection from external influences in adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, dust, etc.The Integrity is ensured between internal and external spaces by fully sliding panels. A full security is provided are through being used 8-10 mm tempered glass for this system.

BKS Katlanabilir Cam Balkon Sistemleri

BKS Katlanabilir Cam Balkon Sistemleri

4 seasons

BKS Glass balcony systems are not only windy; snow, dust, heat change, rain in short, 4 seasons with continuous protection is resistant to all the harsh conditions.


Quality comes with experience. We are not only experienced in the sector but also proud of being the leading company that establishes the sector to our beautiful country.


Just protect your home, not your balcony. Your eyes will no longer be in the back, you will not doubt the safety of your home.

System Information

Technicial Specifications

System: BKS Threshold and Thresholdless Sliding System

Glass type: tempered 8, 10 mm.

Profile color: Pres, Eloksal and other RAL.

Accessory color: Black.

Glass wick: Aluminum.

Max. wing width: 1000 mm.

Max. panel height: 3000 mm.

Max. Number of wings: Unlimited. Standard 5-rail profile.

General features

The glass balcony has become a big influence in making our balconies, which become part of our everyday lives and spend most of our time especially in the summer season, safer and more convenient.

• There is no loss of landscape and image.

• Increase the value of your real estate.

• It is suitable for development legislation.

• Architecturally impressive.

• From the outside, there is no change in the structure of the building.

• The floor does not give the owners a legal trouble.

• Your balcony provides you with 4 season benefits throughout the year.

• Protect from external factors such as rain, snow, wind.

• Provides thermal and sound insulation.

• Your balcony provides you with more and more long-term benefits year round.

• It is suitable for all kinds of balkons.

• The system consists of 6, 8 or 10 mm tempered glass according to height.

• Cleaning and maintenance is easy and practical.

• Different levels can be turned on and off as often as desired.

• Tempered glass is flexible and durable.

• Tempered tempered glass is used. This provides maximum protection against theft events.

• In the case of breaking glass with extraordinary effects, small pieces are separated and do not harm the environment and living things.

Products Used in the System


BKS Eşiksiz Sürgülü Kasa


BKS Eşikli Sürgülü Kasa


BKS Eşikli Eşiksiz Sürgülü Sistem Üst Kasa Profili


BKS Eşikli Eşiksiz Sürgülü Sistem Cam Baza Profili (8-10 mm)


BKS Sürgülü Sistem Tekeri