Balcony Glazing System

Today's modern application glass balcony systems are already being used very efficiently. Of course, you will appreciate that glass balcony systems and other developing projects cannot be created from an ordinary perspective. Because there is no room for errors in such applications. For example, an incorrect measurement or manufacturing that does not correspond to the measurements of the field of application leads to a process that can result in consumer grievance. Therefore, we recommend you to benefit from the qualified projects of our company providing corporate services at extremely reasonable prices. Moreover, we aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in these services that we support with credit card or similar payment methods. If you wish, you can examine our previous works through the glass balcony system visuals on our page and get to know our services that create awareness.

Folding Glass Systems


Frameless glazing system

Nowadays modern frameless glazing systems are already being used very efficiently. Of course, we need to notice that production of the frameless glazing system and other glazing projects is not an ordinary process. Frameless glazing system production must be done perfectly without any mistakes, otherwise system will not work. For example, an incorrect measurements or frameless glazing system manufacturing that does not fit to the measurements of the field leads to a consumer grievance. Therefore, we recommend you to benefit from the qualified work of our company that provides corporate services at extremely reasonable prices. Moreover, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. If you want, you can take a look to our previous works through the frameless glazing system pictures on our website and get to know our services.

Frameless balcony system

Obviously, frameless balcony systems are the most preferred system among balcony glazing models that comply with building standards. The frameless balcony system, which allows using balcony or terrace during the four seasons, also provides excellent insulation from the rain, dust, noise, hot and cold. If you have any questions about our products such as frameless balcony system profiles, bearings, which manufactured according to the international quality standards, and about the wheels that make the sliding system move easily, please feel free to contact us. Our customer support line is open 24/7 to answer you and our friendly staff will be glad to help you. Please note that we offer you exclusive products such as frameless balcony system, movable glass walls for the all kinds of projects.

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You can watch our videos and review our systems which suitable for each project and location. We offer wide range of systems and products.



Not long ago, offers of Glass Balcony System were limited and is thought that quality of this system reached top. Thanks to our investments and R&D activities, today we're proud of being "TURKEY'S PROUD WORLD'S GLASS BALCONY". One of them, BKS Magnet Seals, is the proof of how we can change the way we look to the Glass Balcony Systems.

Our Company BKS Katlanır Cam Sıstemleri San. Tic. Ltd was established in 2004 in Ostim Organize Industry in Ankara. Our field of activity is the folding glass systems industry. Thanks to our dealers network you can find our products used in many residential and business places around the world. It is used in the design and production for the balcony glazing industry is which is comprised of over 350 plastic injections, nearly 100 extrusion molds which in total we have more than 750 kinds of products and more than 3,000 semi-finished. Read More

Where is Glass Balcony System Used?

Additional seating and resting places can be created in the workplaces thanks to the glass balcony that can be applied to the terraces of workplaces and offices. Reliable against theft, glass balcony systems can be used in houses, flats, hotels and pensions, cafes, restaurants and bars, entertainment centers, shopping centers, sports halls, waiting halls, domestic and intercity terminals and airports. The areas where glass balcony can be applied are very wide. Balconies with glass balcony system provide protection against noise from outside.


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Questions & Answers

Q: Are the windows broken in the wind in the glass balcony system?

A: The windows used in the glass balcony system are tempered. Twenty times more resistant to impact than normal glass.

Q: My house is on the top floor of the building. I want to close the balcony, but a certain part of the top is closed is it possible to cover it?

A: The open part of the closure balcony can be closed by some materials like; composite panel sheet, sandwich panel

Q: The balcony of the house was covered with folding glass but I would like to have a roller blind installed, is it possible?

A: It can be done if the roller blind does not prevent the balcony from opening. This means that the glass balcony system must have a distance of at least 8 cm above or inside the case attached to the ceiling.

Q: What is the thickness of the glass used in the balcony?

A: Glass used in glass balconies is usually 8 mm thick. On request, 6 mm and 10 mm glass can be used, but the system must be compatible.

Q: How to clean balcony windows?

A: After opening the balcony windows to the meeting places, the outer part is cleaned and closed and the inner part is cleaned. The other windows are cleaned and closed in this way. Thus, a safe cleaning is made without hanging out of the balcony.

Q: There is a curved protrusion on the front of my balcony. Covering can be done ?

A: Folding glass balconies can be applied to all balcony shapes.

Q: The balustrade of my balcony is concrete but some parts are iron. Can covering be done?

A: In order to put the fixed glass at the height of the concrete railing to the iron part of the railing, aluminum joinery is done and the glass balcony is covered.

Q: I had covered my balcony a few years ago, but the plastic wicks on the edge of the glass would turn yellow and some were broken, I would like to change it, but is there any other material?

A: Glass wicks used in glass balcony closures were obliged to use transparent wicks until 3-4 years ago because there was no other option. Now there are aluminum wick and magnet wick options, but we can replace the plastic wicks in the pre-closed balconies with the aluminum wick profile.

Q: Is there any glass that doesn't show inside from outside?

A: Mirrored and colored glass options are available. The characteristic of these glasses is that they indicate where the light is or not. During the day you can see the outside from the balcony, they can not see you from outside. But the opposite happens when the lamp on the balcony lights in the evening.

Q: Does the glass absorb water into the balcony after closing the balcony?

A: Glass balcony system is movable, sliding, folding, because it is half an gap between the case and the base is closed with bristle roving in the windy rain can leak from this section subject to the direction of the balcony of the installation. The drainage channel is opened under the exterior and the water is thrown out of the balcony.

Q: What needs to be done when the screws used on the closed balcony gives a bad image?

A: In the installation, some screws are visible from the outside, but generally the system must be closed with plugs that match the color of aluminum.

Q: Why does it open by itself when I open the balcony windows?

A: In the installation of glass balconies, the system has a stopping accessory, but some companies do not use it, but it should be used because it prevents the wings from closing itself.

Q: Is it useful to cover the balcony with heat insulated glass balcony?

A: In the balconies that have wide usage, the insulating glass balcony should be applied in order to have a nice time with your family in summer and winter. Due to the double glazing feature, there is a difference of 12 to 15 degrees compared to the normal 8mm balcony closure.

Q: Since there is a slope on the balconies of our building, would it be difficult to have a glass balcony?

A: Glass balcony installation must be installed on the balance. According to the inclination of the balcony, the handrail is the highest and the ceiling is the lowest according to the floor is made according to the production and the case is fixed to the bottom of the case and the upper and lower gaps formed by closing the appropriate angle is made by mounting gussets.

Q: I have a glass handrail on my balcony. Is glass balconies made on glass handrails? Is the handrail glass broken by weight?

A: Glass balcony systems can generally damage the handrail glass as it is carried from the bottom, but since the BKS glass balcony system is mounted from the top, it can be easily applied without damaging the handrail glass.

Q: What is the importance of wheels in the glass balcony system?

A: The systems of the glass balcony companies move with double rollers. As with many products, these wheels are made of cheap materials and become rustless and do not move. In order to avoid such situations, you should prefer the products of the corporate company such as BKS CAM BALKON SİSTELERİ. BKS gives a 10 year warranty to the wheels.